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Cleaned Whole Pig Stomach **From Spain 西班牙** 新鲜猪肚 (+/- 700grams)

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Cleaned Whole Pig Stomach **From Spain 西班牙** 新鲜猪肚

  • Comes in a whole piece (uncut) and properly cleaned, excess oil removed from raw that is convenient for cooking use.
  • Cook a warmth, comfort and delicious Pig Stomach Pepper Soup or add it into any Bah Kut Teh for satisfy that crave for flavor and chewiness.
  • Note: Simple rinsing with water and ready to use

  • 完整(未切割)并经过深入清洁,除多余的油脂,并烹饪使用。
  • 适合烹制一份温暖、舒适、美味的猪肚胡椒汤,或将其加入肉骨茶中,以满足对味道和嚼劲的渴望。
  • :用水简单冲洗即可使用

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