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Iberico Pork Collar Steak 即煮黑毛猪颈肉扒

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Iberico Collar Steak 即煮黑毛猪颈肉扒

Take Note on Packaging 注明包装款式 : Food Grade Sous Vide Bag (transparent bag) 食品透明真空级包装.

  • Marinated and Ready to Cook with Secret Recipe for the Best Taste Collar Steak by our Master Chef.
  • Soft, Tender with Delicious Marinated Sauce, that you'll never forget.
  • Best to Serve it with Noodles, Pasta or just Plain Rice.
  • Note: Does NOT come with Vegetables Side Dishes.
  • Packaging: Frozen and Vacuum Sealed with Food Grade Sous Vide Bag and Heat Resistance up to 100c Degrees.

  • 由我们的大厨精心烹制和腌制而成的秘方,为您带来方便与最佳口味的黑毛猪扒。
  • 柔软,嫩滑,加上美味腌制的酱汁,让您回味无穷
  • 适合煮法: 和面条,意大利面或米饭一起食用
  • 真空包装以保持新鲜
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