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Ready to Eat Iberico Braised Minced Pork Ru Rou 即食黑毛猪卤肉 (+/-150gm - 200grams)

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Ready to Eat Iberico Braised Minced Pork Ru Rou 即食黑毛猪卤肉 

Take Note on Packaging 注明包装款式 : Food Grade Sous Vide Bag (transparent bag) 食品透明真空级包装.

For Aluminum foil packaging, please select Easy Gourmet Series 采用铝袋包装请选着 Easy Gourmet.

  • Ru Rou also known as Braised Mince Meat is a classical Taiwanese comfort food for its delicious gravy and aroma from its slow cooking.
  • This combination of savory-sweet-umami melt-in-the-mouth tender juicy minced pork is super comforting that you won't find anywhere!
  • We made this Iberico Ru Rou that you can serve with, Tofu, Vegetables, Noodles or just with Plain Rice.
  • Frozen & Vacuum Sealed for Restaurant Freshness.
  • 卤肉是台湾经典的民众小吃,因其慢炖的烹饪而具有美味的肉汁和香气
  • 这在口中融化,香甜鲜嫩多汁的肉末的组合是你在任何地方都找不到的超级开心食品!
  • 我们制作的这道西班牙黑毛猪卤肉方便您将豆腐,蔬菜,面条一起食用,也可以与饭一起食用
  • 冷冻和真空包装,以确保新鲜

Please take note on Cooking Instruction:

  1. No Defrost Needed, Immerse whole packaging in Hot/Boiling Water for 15 Minutes.
  2. Remove from Packaging and Pot Simmer for 2 minutes with Small Heat and you're Ready to Serve.
  3. Packaged with Food Grade Sous Vide Bag and Heat Resistant up to 100c Degrees.


  • 不需解冻,只需将未开封的包装袋子在开水里煮15分钟
  • 将肉从包装里取出,放在锅里用小火煮2分钟就可以食用了
  • 产品包装取用食品级Sous Vide袋和真空包装以保持新鲜。 包装耐热性高达100c摄氏度

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