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Ready to Eat Iberico Pork Lagrima Satay 即食黑毛猪沙爹 (6 Sticks 支)

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Ready to Eat Iberico Pork Lagrima Satay 即食黑毛猪沙爹

This truly unique Iberico Pork Satay is made with Lagarto Back Loin Meat then marinated and slow cooked with tantalizing local taste.

  • Bite yourself in to a tender, juicy, flavorful, and aromatic pork satay that is out of this world delicious.
  • Packaging: Frozen and Vacuum Sealed with Food Grade Sous Vide Bag and Heat Resistance up to 100c Degrees.

  • 这款真正独特的Iberico黑毛猪肉沙爹是用Lagarto后腰肉制成,然后腌制并慢煮成,具有诱人的当地口味
  • 咬一口可给您嫩滑,多汁,美味和芳香的猪肉沙爹,美味极了
  • 包装:冷冻和真空密封,食品级包装,耐热性高达100c度

Please take note on Cooking Instruction:

Method 1

  • No Defrost Needed, Immerse whole packaging in Hot/Boiling Water for 10 Minutes. 
  • Remove from Packaging and Pan Sear for 2-3 minutes with High Heat and you're Ready to Serve.

Method 2:

  • Defrost and Remove from Packaging and Pan Sear for 3-5 minutes with High Heat until Cooked.



  • 无需解冻,将整个包装浸入热水/沸水中10分钟
  • 从包装中取出并用高火煎2-3分钟,即可食用


  • 解冻并从包装中取出并用高火煎3-5分钟,直至煮熟

Pictures & Videos shown are for illustration purpose only (图片仅供参考,请以实物为准) 

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