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Thai Street Steamboat Chili **4 Flavors口味** 泰式火锅辣椒 (180grams)

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Thai Street Steamboat Chili 泰式火锅辣椒

  • Made with authentic Thai recipe and ingredients, this Thai street chili sauce will spice up your steamboat and mookata experience to a new level.
  • Comes in 4 flavors and each chili is specially made to suit different use and taste. 
  • Original: Original Thai seafood chili sauce for steamboat/mookata dipping.
  • Extra Spicy: Add on and increased spicy level from original. 
  • Secret Sauce: Thai green chili sauce with added lime for a tangy taste. 
  • Lok Lok Sauce: Specially made for grilled and deep fried meats.

  • 这款泰式辣椒酱采用了正宗的泰国配方和食材制成,将为您的火锅和mookata体验提升到一个新的水平。

有 4 种口味,每款辣椒酱都是特制的,以适应不同的搭配和口味:

  • 原味:原汁原味的泰式海鲜辣椒酱,用于火锅/mookata 蘸酱。
  • 超辣:原味加辣版。
  • 秘制酱汁:加入酸酐的泰式青辣椒酱,味道浓郁。
  • 乐乐 Lok Lok 酱:专配烤肉和炸肉。

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