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Easy Gourmet Braised Iberico Cheek 即食黑毛猪脸颊肉 (+/- 150grams)

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Easy Gourmet Iberico Braised Cheek(即食黑毛猪脸颊肉)

  • Iberico Pork Cheeks is a lean meat with delicate and moist bite that stands out because of their unique texture and is limited with only 2 side from each pig.
  • Slow Braised for 6 hours with appetizing, thick and delicious gravy, that is best serve with some Fries or Mashed Potatoes and some simple greens.
  • Note: Easy Gourmet is Retail Packing for our Ready to Eat Iberico Series (Business Pack). Both are the same product and difference is only the Packaging they use.
  • Packaging: Frozen and Vacuum Sealed with Food Grade Aluminum Bag and Heat Resistance up to 100c Degrees.

  • 西班牙黑毛猪脸颊肉是一种瘦肉,咬起来口感细腻湿润,因其独特的质地而引人注目并且每只猪只限于两面脸颊肉。
  • 慢炖6小时,配上开胃、浓密可口的肉汁,最好搭配薯条或土豆泥和一些简单的蔬菜
  • :Easy Gourmet是我们即食西班牙黑毛猪系列(商业包装)的零售包装。两个都是同一个产品,区别只是它们的包装
  • 包装:冷冻和真空密封,采用食品级铝袋,耐热性高达100摄氏度

Please take note on Cooking Instruction:

  • No Defrost Needed, Immerse whole packaging in Hot/Boiling Water for 15 Minutes. 
  • Remove from Packaging and Pot Simmer for 2 minutes with Small Heat and you're Ready to Serve.


  • 无需解冻,将整个包装浸入热水/沸水中煮15分钟。
  • 从包装中取出,用小火煮2分钟即可享用

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