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  • My Barn 黑猪达人 |
    My Barn 黑猪达人 |
  • My Barn 黑猪达人 |
    My Barn 黑猪达人 |
  • My Barn 黑猪达人 |
    My Barn 黑猪达人 |
  • My Barn 黑猪达人 |
    My Barn 黑猪达人 |
  • My Barn 黑猪达人 - Cindy Lsy

    Cindy Lsy

    There are alot of varieties to choose from, the food are easy to prepare and cook,as well as is delicious too. A saviour for busy mom thinking of everyday meal for the family. Delivery is also very fast and prompt.

  • My Barn 黑猪达人 - Alice Khoo

    Alice Khoo

    Bought Iberico Baby Back Ribs from My Barn. The fresh pork is so fresh and clean!!! No pork stain smell and easy to cook. I tried their pork ribs and did the Grilled Pork Ribs at home. Juicy and yummy!

  • My Barn 黑猪达人 - Goh Siew Ting

    Goh Siew Ting

    Highly recommended, speedy delivery. Within 1 hour can enjoy your ordered foods. Friendly customer service, fresh and well packed all the ordered item. Good jobs, definately will repeat order again. TQ

  • My Barn 黑猪达人 - Xiiao K Bibi

    Xiiao K Bibi

    新鲜 ! 包装到非常干净 !今天订当天到 ! 不需要苦苦的等待 🤣 每次都买超多 ♥️ 水煮肉片♥️酸菜肉片♥️火锅♥️烤肉♥️ 都是必备的 简单又好处理 👍 点心 也好好吃 适合偶尔偷懒不想煮时 ,弄热就好 👍 快速!方便 ! 台湾香肠 必买!!!!! 非常夸张的好吃 😋

  • My Barn 黑猪达人 - Sheila Devi Francina

    Sheila Devi Francina

    Bought the pre-cooked BBQ Iberico Baby Back Ribs a few weeks back and finally cooked it today. The seasoning was on point and the meat was soft. All in, less than 30 minutes from freezer to table. Will definitely reorder 😁

  • My Barn 黑猪达人 - Carmen Cml

    Carmen Cml

    I have ordered so many times from them. Fast delivery and most importantly easy to cook and taste so yummy. Highly recommended! I am going to place my next order very soon.

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