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Iberico Pork Secreto Jowl 黑毛猪脸颊肉 (From 100g to 350grams)

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Iberico Pork Secreto Jowl 黑毛猪脸颊

  • Secreto Iberico is Spain's Best Pork Cut known for its well marbled texture and flavorful taste.
  • Even though it is a thin piece but the texture is dense with flavor and gives a good chewy feel.
  • Simply Grill and Pan Seared Lightly and Season with Simple Salt & Black Pepper.
  • Cutting Method: Cut into Thin Slices with a 45 Degree angle for best taste.
  • Frozen & Vacuum Packed.

  • 具有丰富的大理石纹, 被誉为猪肉中的"神户和牛"! 此肉藏在肩胛后和背部脂肪下面的一块非常柔嫩的肌肉。有着长长的纹理,密布的大理石条纹,它有独特的浓郁坚果香的味道
  • 适合煮法:切成3-4寸的小块。用盐,黑胡椒和少许油调味。加热煎锅,每面煎上几分钟,或直到呈现出浓郁的金棕色。切成薄片,逆纹理切,可以配米饭食用
  • 真空包装以保持新鲜

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